In my homeland I was mighty prince, a scholar and a warrior. But, as soon as came to this place, not only was I considered naught but an honourless Moor, I also could understand nothing that was spoken: Housekeeping, Protection, Kraken... my command of the Angle's language did nothing to prepare me... Conquest is not only a game, but an online community: and as many communities it has it's own lingo, most of which is particular to the game, but some of which is simply language local to this corner of the Net. Please refer to this glossary to clarify any words you don't understand. For you seasoned vets out there, if you notice anything missing, please email me for new entries. If you don't find a word here, check the Command List to see if it appears there.

Glossary of Terms

First Strike ("fs")

Troops with First Strike, and only troops with First Strike, attack in the first day of combat. Their quick reaction means they can often destroy their opponents before the latter have had a chance to even attack. Example of First Strike troops are Archers, who rain down arrows as the enemy approaches, and BattleMagi, whose spells fire quicker than thought.

Housekeeping ("HK")

Every day in real life is a year within the Realms of Conquest. Therefore, there is a new season approximately every six hours. At the beginning of each of these seasons the Conquest
robot updates it's own information and all of the character's information. This update is called a Housekeeping, and serves to pace the game.

At every Housekeeping, troops eat food, peasants produce food, your castles collect taxes, new peasants are born, old peasants die, and each player gains a fresh load of movement points and attacks.


Usually referring to one of the Barbarian Hordes which constantly threaten the Three Continents, a Horde also refer to an army which comes to the aid of a player in battle: an animal horde who helps a Ranger, a band of Crusaders in defense of a Cleric, or an Undead Horde summoned by the evil vampire. Many items, Artifacts and Heroes also summon Hordes.


An ancient sea monster will dwells under the Great Ocean which divides the Three Continents, the Kraken usually poses no threat, as it sleeps deep beneath the waves. However, on occasion it is awakened by powerful magics, and will sink every ship which tries to sail across it. You can use the
fleet command to check if the Kraken is awakened. The Kraken is more powerful than any one ship, but several players engaging it in battle one after the other can force it back to its rightful slumber.


The once proud cities of Conquest are, in these days of war, often besieged by raiding Barbarians. Every time a city is sacked there is a chance that the merchants of the city will petition to have the gates of the city locked. A locked city cannot be
travel'ed into or out of, but if you are trapped inside you may try to escape by pole-vaulting the walls in the still of the night.

Note that Rangers and Vampires can travel in and out of locked cities at will.


Troops with regeneration often recover from the even the most grievous wounds. During any round of combat, troops with regeneration will recover 10-25% of the damage which is done to them in that round.

Swarm ("swm")

Troops with swarm attack en masse, encouraging each other and fighting with a tremendous cooperative spirit... they are like a swarm of bees, or an angry mob. If troops with this ability are in a group of more than 500, they gain an additional x1 to their attack every other round, starting with the first.

For example:


Despite the danger posed the barbarian hordes, which always threaten the Three Continents, the merchants of a given town usually will leave their gates unlocked, allowing free travel into and out of the city. When a city is
locked, you must wait for it to be unlocked to enter.