Throughout the Three Realms of Conquest travel many wise and powerful Heroes, the premiere warriors of the mercenaries. These men and women will only work for those they deem to be worthy, they will not work for any one less than level 3 and they all try to conceal themselves from just any conqueror by changing their names and remaining hidden. The only way to find their True Names is to ask the mystic. This venerable sage kn ows a great many things, and if you listen he will tell you tales of Ages gone by in Conquest. Every so often he will enter a strange trance, and reveal the name of a Hero.

Once you have the name of a Hero, you can quest to convince her to work in your service with quest hero <truename>. The heroes do not work for free, however. Like all mercenaries they will take their fee when they first enlist in your service, and then again at every Housekeeping.

Once you have hired a Hero, you may use hero info, for no movement, to see how long she has been in your service, how much she is costing you, and what her opinion of your is. If you decide a Hero's service is no longer needed, you can dismi ss the hero, for no movement points.

Heroes that help in battles will only help those that initiate the battle, and will not help in the questing of hordes. All heroes have a 2% chance of dying in each battle.

The heroes known so far in the Three Realms are:

The Crazy Alchemist

Blacklisted by both the Clerics and the Mages, this odd man specializes in creating items and artifacts. During HK the crazy alchemist will make items for you, anywhere between 1-6, and search for artifacts locations, hopefully telling you where each artifact is hidden. There are also chances of him finding letters to the secret city, and solving the riddle for your personal gain.

The Crazy Alchemist costs 20,000 copper a HK to keep.

The Dark Priestess

Once an Arch-Bishop, the Dark Priestess' Faith was tarnished when she ran into the Ninja, and she grew into his darkness. She was the first dark cleric, and although she is not as powerful as those who still walk in the Light, she aids her employers by c asting a random cleric spell on them after every battle.

She costs 30,000 copper to hire.

The Destroyer

Born of Fire, no one knows the origin of the being known only as "the Destroyer." Some say he is a demon, others a Fire Elemental who somehow escaped the control of it's mage summoner... in any case, The Destroyer's capability for carnage is rivaled only by his unpredictability. Half of the time he will cast a fire-based mage spell, like the Warlock. Sometimes he will drain levels, like the Vampire. With the Destroyer hired a player my travel on his fiery coattails for half move.

But the Destroyers greatest skill is that of corruption. All that he can get his hands on will wither and die, and during battle if he manages to find your opponents crops he will completely destroy all of the food. There is a 25% chance of this happening. Be warned however, The Destroyer wants nothing more then to serve the Vampire, and if there is no Vampire he will force you to become it.

The Destroyer costs 40,000 copper a HK to keep.

The Diplomat

Born of mixed Saxon and Norman blood, his understanding of the ideals of many races gives him the ability to bring together members of different classes under the bond of a permanent alliance.

The Diplomat costs 40,000 copper a HK to keep.

The Dragon

Den mother to all the drakes and wyvern in the Three Realms, this ancient and colossal Wyrm thinks only of her vast horde... and how to enlarge it. She will lend her knowledge... the magic of the ancients... to any who can invoke her with her True Name, and pay her enough copper!

The Dragon allows any player to cast spells as if he were a mage of half his level. Example: Zshock is a 6th level cleric, employing the Dragon. He may cast mage spells up to 3rd level. The Dragon will also cast flamestryke, half of the time, at the beginning of a battle.

The Elven Highlord

Queen of the forest kin, and friend of the Rangers, the Elven Highlord will summon a pack of animals to aid you in every battle. If armed with the Bow, the Highlord will double the attack strength of your troops, making you nearly invincible.

The Elven Highlord costs 25,000 copper to keep.

The Generals of Romulus and Aethelred

Very strong and very wise, the only downfall of these two generals -- the best that ever lived -- is their hate for each other. Both must be hired by the proper allegiance for them to work. Their skills are the same: all renegades are trained into soldier s at no cost, soldiers attack at double their point value. Both are very skilled at all military techniques: for every thousand troops in your army they add another 100 knights.

If one of these heroes is in your army, and you attack another player with another general, they will seize control of your forces, and in a fit of anger, will continue to attack each other until you are either out of movement or attacks.

Neither general expects money from you, so there is no fee. They battle only for the the glory of their Emperor.

The Giant of Jasmon

Raised as a boy in the mystical city of Jasmon, the Giant (whose birth name is now long forgotten) never stopped growing! Filled with a seemingly boundless rage, this man-monster destroys two of the opponents castles in any combat. He will, however, on turn on your own army, killing all those in his path.

The Giant can also be used to carry boats across the continents for half of the normal movement rate.

The Giant of Jasmon costs 20,000 copper a HK to keep.

The Lord of Chaos

Bathed in darkness and in lightning, the history of the Lord of Chaos is unknown. He arrived from the West, on a ship made of ebony. Many have speculated some connection to the mad inventor of the Chaos Device, but these rumors are unfounded. This sile nt warrior has chance to inflict one of the following effects at the beginning of a battle: The Lord of Chaos is not, however, a subtle warrior. In any battle he takes 25% of the captured peasants for himself. No one knows what he does with these peasants, but all scholars agree that it is probably not pleasant.

The Master Farmer

He was never very good at fighting, and was in fact pretty much useless at everything, except when it came to farming. Many thought he had been touched by God by the way he could grow food out of barren soil. Because of his great skill he ploughs 2-12% of new land, hires 5-15% of new peasants, and produces 8% of food every HouseKeeping.

All he asks in return is 20,000 copper per HouseKeeping.

The Necromancer

This foul pupil of the Vampire slays your army in order that he may raise it as a shambling undead horde. These troops beyond the grave subsist only on the Necromancer's dark energies, and need no living food. Moreover they can walk tirelessly, allowing you to travel for half of the normal movement rate. Of course, if you lose or dismiss the Necromancer your entire army crumbles to dust.

The Ninja

Formerly employed by the Emperors this sneaky assassin can: spy without fail, attempt to steal from the local city every HK, protect your kingdom from other spies, and finally, if you attack an allied kingdom he has a 40% chance of breaking the alliance making your opponents easier to kill.

He costs 35,000 copper a HK to keep.

The Queen of Spiders

Legend relates that this haggard witch is daughter to a spider herself, and commands all spiders she comes across as their sister, cousin and mother. The truth is not known. All is known is that this dark sorceress controls hordes of millions of spiders . When you attack a foe, she will plague their kingdom with spider webs, draining them of one attack. If they are out of attacks, her vicious minions will lower the attack values of all of her victim's troops by 1. She also allows you to loot cities, a s does a barbarian.

The Vampire

Once a servant of the dark lord himself, he has repented his sins and turned to be a servant of the light. His knowledge of black magic can protect you from all Vampire spells including charm and pestilence. In addition, The Vampire gives you a new guise for every battle you engage in.

The Vampire costs 40,000 copper a HK to keep.

The Viking Leader

From the cold north comes the most fearsome pirate ever to sail the seas. For years barbarians come to him in droves, and he trained the like of RedBeard, BlackBeard, YellowBeard and NoBeard. Now he fights only for money and brings his pirate horde to f ight with him in every battle. When hired he will give you a WarShip that will never be bothered by pirates, and he will aid you in naval battles.

The Viking Leader charges 30,000 copper an hk, but will never serve a Cleric.

The Warlock

Once a powerful Arch-Mage on Normandy, before a spell backfired and almost killed him, the Warlock is now a drifter who travels alone, offering his services for anyone who can afford them. Before every battle he randomly casts one of the following spells : Fireball, Giant, Flamestrike, Strength and ShadowWarriors.

The Warlock's price is 30,000 copper.

The White Knight

Formerly employed by the Arch-Bishop to protect the Holy Grail, the White Knight now wanders the Realms in search of adventure and wealth. His unparalleled experience in battle adds ?? to all soldiers??, and due to his friendship with the Emperors any army he leads gains 10 bloodguard every HouseKeeping.

The White Knight charges 25,000 copper per housekeeping.